December 17 sun sign

December, 17 astrological sign is Sagittarius. Read the main characteristics of Sagittarius on this webpage.

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Sagittarius Characteristics

The Sagittarius starts on November 23 and ends on December 21. Fire sign ruled by Jupiter, which gives generosity, nobility, sincerity and dignity, as well as an optimistic and jovial nature, and a righteous character. It is a double sign, represented by a centaur, and has lots of energy. Sagittarians are clever, bright, deep and logical reasoning. They teach and learn with equal ease. They are always fastidious, demanding, impulsive. They have intuition and creativity and are optimistic, self-confident, get physical, mental and spiritual balance. Under its vibrations are born lawyers, scientists, religious and all who have an obligation to obey the laws of God and man. Sometimes they are unstable and tend to be interested in various subjects or activities, without delving into any. In some cases, they can become arrogant, wasteful, reckless, rebellious, fickle and babblers. They work best in the professions.

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