October 14 sun sign

October, 14 astrological sign is Libra. Read the main characteristics of Libra on this webpage.

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Libra Characteristics

This sign begins on September 24 and ends on October 23. Air sign ruled by Venus, which exalts the sensitivity and refines the emotions and sensations. Libra symbolizes balance. Likes any work related to art, beauty or justice. Libra people are romantic, and always willing to love. They like to participate in social life, preferably accompanied by interesting people. They are kind and friendly, very cheerful, elegant, comprehensive and generous. Just someone cry that it appears to comfort. Enjoy luxury and comfort, the exquisite things, beauty and culture. Librans are not fans of physical effort, but appreciate all the work that depends on intelligence, skill and taste. They are involved with artistic activities, fashion, and everything that requires refined aesthetic sense. Usually shine in society. They can be fickle, intriguing, discouraged easily, proud, apathetic.

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