Star sign born February 5

February, 5 astrological sign is Aquarius. Read the main characteristics of Aquarius on this webpage.

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Aquarius Characteristics

The Aquarius starts on January 21 and ends on February 19. Air sign ruled by Uranus, which gives artistic gifts, critical capacity, genius, originality, sharp intuition. It is the sign of the inventors, thinkers, intellectuals. Aquarius is a fraternal sign, and Aquarians are often endowed with strong humanitarian spirit. The ancients said that Aquarius was one hundred years ahead and that if the world were populated only by Aquarians, no war! They are progressive and advanced in their ideas, which causes them to be considered, almost always, very advanced for its time. They know that when the soul is fed, the body is strengthened. For Aquarians, life has to be colorful and unusual circumstances. Independent, they do not like to be tied to commitments, or feel-tied. They love to make friends, and do not tolerate any kind of segregation or prejudice. They are patient, persevering, humanitarian and stubborn. Always seek to act in a peaceful manner.

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