Star sign born March 24

March, 24 astrological sign is Aries. Read the main characteristics of Aries on this webpage.

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Aries Characteristics

The sign Aries begins on March 21 and ends on April 20. Ruled by Mars, God of War in Greek mythology. Courageous, intelligent, never sleeps. Courageous, combative, and often have the qualities needed to win, hold, command, impose discipline. They have a strong genius, but not a grudge. Aryans are driving the progress of machines (some are precipitated, act without thinking and repent). Every profession that requires courage and determination combined with his temper, including a military career. They are physically harmonious and sexually attractive. Although, can be temperamental, aggressive and impatient. Their adventurous spirit and leadership requires a lot of self-control and vital energy, which sometimes can cause wear. They like to face challenges, with his immense courage, that love constantly display, which is much admired. They are impulsive and fiery by nature. They are very individualistic, but do not like living alone.

Zodiac dates

Aries dates 21st March - 20th April
Taurus dates 21st April - 21st May
Gemini dates 22nd May - 21st June
Cancer dates 22nd June - 23rd July
Leo dates 24th July - 23rd August
Virgo dates 24th August - 23rd September
Libra dates 24th September - 23rd October
Scorpio dates 24th October - 22nd November
Sagittarius dates 23rd November - 21st December
Capricorn dates 22nd December - 20th January
Aquarius dates 21st January - 19th February
Pisces dates 20th February - 20th March

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