Zodiac for 6/24

June, 24 astrological sign is Cancer. Read the main characteristics of Cancer on this webpage.

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Cancer Characteristics

The sign of Cancer begins on June 22 and ends on July 23. It is a Water sign, ruled by the Moon, which gives enormous sensitivity and creativity, and incline will domesticity. Cancer symbolizes the family, because it is in the fourth house that we are designed. Individuals are by nature very friendly and good humored, but at the same time introverted, shy and dreamy; always seem to be in the clouds. Because they are very reserved, it is always difficult to help them. They are very creative, very emotional and very protective. They are constantly helping others and getting involved in a good cause, which satisfies his enormous desire to be helpful. They enjoy all kinds of music, as his state of mind. They are attracted to social problems, voluntary work and any activity on behalf of the less fortunate. They are intuitive, motherly, very intelligent, endowed with great memory, prudent, affectionate, dedicated and idealistic. But can also be gullible, impatient, irritable, stubborn handlers, and selfish. Always very attached to family and domestic affairs, 'his home is his castle'. Very loyal to friends, usually give much importance, especially the 'old friends', which are often very attached. Very sensitive, can hurt yourself easily, and your mood can swing.

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