Zodiac sign if i was born on 8/11

August, 11 astrological sign is Leo. Read the main characteristics of Leo on this webpage.

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Leo Characteristics

The sign of Leo begins on July 24 and ends on August 23. Fire sign ruled by the Sun, which makes them healthy native, beautiful, charismatic, full of life, exuberant and communicative. Leos are domineering, hates taking orders. They walk resolutely towards success, and only content themselves with glory, but only progresses doing what they love. They are generous, close to the family but hides these qualities in a hard mask. They can be ambitious and vain, always aware of their merits, and almost never its limits. His spirit is leader, or is one that always takes center stage. They can be overcome, and its goals are high. They are always engaged in large-scale projects, artistic or for public viewing, which are often recognized with accolades or awards. They have few friends. They're honest, but suspicious. They love to travel and run the world for the pleasure of feeling free.

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