Zodiac sign if i was born on March 14

March, 14 astrological sign is Pisces. Read the main characteristics of Pisces on this webpage.

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Pisces Characteristics

The Pisces starts on February 20 and ends on March 20. Water sign ruled by Neptune. Dreamy, emotional, very receptive, indecisive, sexy, Pisceans can be considered the most malleable throughout the zodiac, with all the features, positive or negative, that this feature can give. They have sensitive and impressionable personality, reaching the emotional instability. They are easily affected by people or environments. For this reason, have easy to feel the problems of others. On the other hand, they are very inspired, intuitive and humanitarian, always showing signs of a deep love for people. The Piscean woman is the wife that every man wants. His home, his world. His personality is very complex, and at the same time it opens for life, closes in your world, avoiding face the harsh everyday reality. The generosity and justice are its great brand. Bind frequently to mystical or religious activities, are interested in cinema, music, poetry, painting, arts in general and, often, have activities in charities.

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Pisces dates 20th February - 20th March

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