Zodiac sign born in November, 5

November, 5 astrological sign is Scorpio. Read the main characteristics of Scorpio on this webpage.

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Scorpio Characteristics

The Scorpio starts on October 24 and ends on November 22. Water sign ruled by Pluto, which gives great magnetism and power, determination and creativity. It is a sign of extremes. Love or hate. Mistrusts his own shadow. Born in Scorpio are intelligent, aloof, have strong emotions and feelings, are very persistent, but can also be unforgiving and stubborn. Suspicious and jealous, enshrine their privacy at all costs, and preserve family life in the most traditional way possible. Are attracted by the competition, have an enormous intelligence, and are good strategists. The cold blood is your best weapon. Arouse people's curiosity, thanks to the mystery that create around themselves. They are very demanding at all. They can become materialistic and consumerist chronic. They are impatient.

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