Zodiac sign born in December, 27

December, 27 astrological sign is Capricorn. Read the main characteristics of Capricorn on this webpage.

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Capricorn Characteristics

The Capricorn starts on December 22 and ends on January 20. Earth sign, ruled by Saturn, which gives strength, ambition and caution. Capricorns are honest, sincere, discreet and stubborn. They make plans and have patience to let them mature. They are modest, reserved, quiet, practical and economical. They are persistent and do not quit until they win their goals. It's hard to find a Capricorn at 40, 45 years that has not improved life. They are not busy social life lovers, not very communicative, but have the ability to trade and finance. They may be suspicious, especially in the emotional field, however, are very loyal and protective, and inspire confidence. Place the affective life in the background, paying special attention to professional interests, or things to reaffirm their prestige. Like serious elaborate, classics and antiques music. Prefers the quiet and modest life.

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